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About has access to the largest and most commonly updated TAC database in the world; the check IMEI feature is one of the useful tools in the GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) industry. The CheckIMEI check system is free, easy and straight-forward. We have realtime access to the most extensive IMEI database and specifications are provided daily.

Checking your IMEI gives you access to tons of exciting information and allows you to make better choices from unlocking that device to seeing if it's on the blacklist register, gain peace of mind when buying used phones.

We've unlocked to over 2 million devices on our exclusive network and performed free checks over 17 million times, making us one of the largest unlock and checking providers in the world. We hold data for 6,000+ brands with 320,000+ TACs and 16,000+ device specifications in our database.

Enter your IMEI for free
and unlock its information.

Dial *#06# on phones to obtain its IMEI.

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